FIFA and settlements

EuMEP closely followed the issue of football clubs in the Israeli settlements in the West Bank, which play, in violation of FIFA’s rules, in the Israeli football competition. Martin Konecny published several op-eds on this subject.

Why FIFA bottled out of enforcing its own rules on Israel
 Middle East Eye, 19 May 2017
 By Martin Konecny and Hugh Lovatt
Will FIFA Give Israeli Settlement Clubs a Yellow Card?
 LobeLog, 9 May 2017
 By Martin Konecny and Hugh Lovatt
With UN backing, FIFA must strike now to stand up to Israeli settlement clubs
 Middle East Eye, 9 January 2017
 By Martin Konecny
It's time for FIFA to blow the whistle on Israeli football clubs playing in settlements
 Middle East Eye, 31 October 2016
 By Martin Konecny
Why does FIFA still recognise Israeli settlement teams?
 Al Jazeera, 29 June 2016
 By Martin Konecny and Hugh Lovatt
See also EuMEP's info-graphic Israeli football clubs in illegal settlements in occupied Palestinian territory
May 2016