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Contrary to widespread perception, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not at a stalemate. The reality on the ground is shifting every day. Violations of international law are deepening and the very possibility of a peaceful resolution is vanishing before our eyes.

Europe’s ineffective policies towards the conflict enable this trend to continue, despite the hundreds of millions of euros it invests in aid. If the prospect for peace disappears, Europe will be confronted with a reality of permanent occupation, unequal rights and violence on its doorstep, fuelling tensions and extremism also at home.

EuMEP: analysis, advocacy, coordination

The European Middle East Project (EuMEP) is a small and independent organisation in Brussels promoting just, fact-based and effective policies on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by the EU, European governments and the wider international community.

Combining the roles of think-tank, advocacy NGO and coordination hub, EuMEP works closely with leading civil society organisations and experts in Israel, Palestine, Europe and worldwide. EuMEP supports freedom, dignity and security for all Israelis and Palestinians.