The EU’s Response to the Gaza War Is a Tale of Contradiction and Division
 The Cairo Review of Global Affairs, January/February 2024
 By Martin Konecny

In the face of worst-ever Israeli-Palestinian violence, Europe’s selective moralism has also led to strategic blindness.
Why EU's €18m for Israel undermines peace
 EUobserver, 4 December 2023
 By Martin Konecny

Why does the EU, in the middle of the Gaza war, throw money on Israel's Abraham Accords, which have only pushed peace with the Palestinians further away?
EU aid to Palestinians is more needed than ever – stopping it would be a gift to Hamas
 The Guardian, 12 October 2023
 By Martin Konecny

Brussels is right to backtrack on its threats – cutting the territories’ largest aid package would only inflame the crisis
Textbook hypocrisy: EU's new low point on Palestine
 EUobserver, 15 September 2021
 By Martin Konecny

Why are EU Commissioner Várhelyi and Members of the European Parliament devoting more time to exaggerated allegations about Palestinian textbooks than to dealing with real challenges on the ground?
Europe's shameful bias on Israel-Palestine
 Middle East Eye, 19 May 2021  
 By Martin Konecny

On the selectivity in European official reactions to the latest Israeli-Palestinian round of violence. Also available in French and in Czech in Deník Referendum.
EU must stand up to Trump's Middle East 'peace plan'
 EUobserver, 30 October 2018 
 By Martin Konecny

EU diplomacy must ensure that Trump's 'Deal of the Century' on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is dead on arrival if it does not meet international parameters.
Britain's shameful role shielding Israel from a UN inquiry, 29 May 2018 
 By Martin Konecny

The British government took a negative stance towards an independent UN investigation into the latest violence in Gaza. Martin Konecny dissects UK’s arguments and contrasts its position with UK’s own experience investigating the Bloody Sunday massacre.
Six EU double standards on Israel
 Euobserver, 22 February 2016 
 By Martin Konecny

The Israeli government has been accusing the EU of employing a “double standard” in relation to Israel. It claims that the EU treats Israel harsher than other countries. EuMEP’s director Martin Konecny demonstrates that, in fact, the opposite is true.

Policy notes

EU-funded study of Palestinian textbooks: tempering allegations while feeding a one-sided narrative
July 2021

The note critically reviews the new EU-funded study of Palestinian textbooks by the Georg-Eckert Institute and responds to efforts to misrepresent its findings. It argues that the planned EU follow-up on the study is seriously misguided.
EU support for UN investigations at the Human Rights Council: the Israel/Palestine exception
May 2021

EU states have voted for all UN Human Rights Council resolutions establishing independent investigations into violent crises except for those on Israel/Palestine, where they mostly abstained.
EU and Trump plan: Keeping it off the table
April 2020

The Q&A note addresses possible European diplomatic engagement following the release of the US plan for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It warns that promoting negotiations or multilateral diplomacy in the context of the Trump plan, for example through the Quartet, could do more harm than good. Instead, the paper proposes more productive ways forward for the EU.
The UN Security Council and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: disproportionate neglect
January 2020

Claims that the UN is singling out Israel by adopting a disproportionate number of resolutions are deeply misleading because they leave the UNSC out of the picture. Given the primacy of the UNSC within the UN system, the opposite is more true: there is a disproportionate neglect of Israel/Palestine.
EuMEP Policy note: Rebooting EU policy on Gaza 
July 2018

The note proposes ways to refocus the EU’s policy on Gaza in the context of recent US and Israeli moves, the unbearable humanitarian situation, the mass protests at the Gaza fence, and the failing effort at intra-Palestinian reconciliation. If the EU wants to be more than a “cash machine” subsidising others' agendas in Gaza, it needs to change its approach.
EuMEP Policy note on the Quartet report 
July 2016

On 1 July 2016, the Middle East Quartet, composed of the EU, US, Russia and UN, published a long-awaited report on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Quartet report, pushed ahead to a great extent by the EU, was an opportunity to provide a realistic and impartial assessment of the situation and to propose a meaningful way forward. Unfortunately, the report fails on both accounts.

Publications on FIFA and settlements

EuMEP has closely followed the issue of football clubs in the Israeli settlements in the West Bank, which play, in violation of FIFA’s rules, in the Israeli football competition. Martin Konecny has published several op-eds on this subject.

Why FIFA bottled out of enforcing its own rules on Israel
 Middle East Eye, 19 May 2017
 By Martin Konecny and Hugh Lovatt
Will FIFA Give Israeli Settlement Clubs a Yellow Card?
 LobeLog, 9 May 2017
 By Martin Konecny and Hugh Lovatt
With UN backing, FIFA must strike now to stand up to Israeli settlement clubs
 Middle East Eye, 9 January 2017
 By Martin Konecny
It's time for FIFA to blow the whistle on Israeli football clubs playing in settlements
 Middle East Eye, 31 October 2016
 By Martin Konecny
Why does FIFA still recognise Israeli settlement teams?
 Al Jazeera, 29 June 2016
 By Martin Konecny and Hugh Lovatt
See also EuMEP's info-graphic Israeli football clubs in illegal settlements in occupied Palestinian territory
May 2016